It's now two months since we moved from our shop in Swanley - time flies. We are still fine tuning things on the website, however, the workshops are up and running in Gravesend and people seem to be finding them very enjoyable.  All the information regarding workshops for the next couple of months are available to see by either the Craft Workshops link in the main menu or the month picture located on the right hand side of the Home page. So if you are interested in having a good time, learning something new, creating something beautiful and maybe meeting new like minded people then why not take a look and see if there is something that piques your interest.

limited offer sale

I am really pleased to say that  we are now coming to another milestone in our website venture which is our first website sale!

Our aim is to have a sale posted on the last Monday of every month that will have completely different items to the previous month. They will only be available that week and/or while stock lasts so look out on Monday 24th for the Sale link in the Main Menu on the front page of the website. I hope you like this idea and that you will get a chance to grab some of these bargains.


We have noticed that out of all the crafting items available these days, that dies still seem to be one of the most popular. They get used in many different craft projects from cards, mixed media, scrapbooking, 3d projects even to decoupage on furniture.  They truly are an extremely versatile medium, however, as much as we love them it appears that very many of us have the same pet peeve.

What, I here you ask, is that?  It is that when it comes to getting our die cuts out of some exquisitely detailed dies we can have a problem getting them out in one piece or even getting them out at all. Obviously this is extremely frustrating but even more so when we have used the last piece of a particular card or paper that we wanted to use! The answer we found that worked best for us is not to just throw the die out of the window in a fit of rage but to use Wax Paper with the die.

Now before you all run off and dig out the greaseproof paper from the bottom of the darkest depths of the baking cupboard in your kitchen, I am afraid I have to let you know that it is not the same thing and will not work the way the waxed paper does. Here is the science - greaseproof, baking and baking parchment papers are all heat-resistant, non-stick surfaces specially developed for baking on. Please note in particular that they are heat-resistant and therefore won’t catch fire in your oven! Waxed paper, on the other hand, is exactly what is says in the name, it is coated on both sides with wax, probably not the nicest addition to your beautiful pavlova or scones.

However, when using with a die and paper/card both the die and the paper/card are slightly affected by the wax coating which makes the die cut easy to remove from the die, which is all that we really want in the first place! I know some people will say, oh but it’s just another expense but remember that you can usually leave the same piece of waxed paper in the die and use it a few times before it needs replacing. Most intricate dies are not as big as baking sheets and most importantly they relieve you from the stress, time and cost of having to do the die cut again.

The recipe for stress free intricate die -cuts;


  1. Wax paper
  2. Die
  3. Card or Paper
  4. Die Cutting Machine


  1. Cut a piece of wax paper the size of your die
  2. Lay the waxed paper onto the cutting edge of your die (it doesn’t matter which way round because it is double sided)
  3. Lay your piece of card/paper on top of the wax paper
  4. Top with your cutting plate
  5. Run through your die cutting machine
  6. Sit back and remove the beautiful die cut from the die and enjoy making your project. 

I hope you will find this information useful and until next week,

 Happy Crafting,


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