It's official, this summer was the hottest on record and finished with a lovely Indian Summer this week. But being crafters, our thoughts are on the Christmas holiday season. 

 So we have added Sheena Douglass Festive Embossing Folders and unmounted rubber stamps designed by Donna Ratcliff. These rubber stamps are a departure from the traditional snowman and Santa. I think of them as showing how the elves and fairies celebrate Christmas and would be fun cards for both adults and children.

We also have both EZmount and Stix2 Mount n' Stamp foam in stock for attaching the stamps to acrylic blocks. If you haven't used unmounted rubber stamps before, here are a few tips which might be helpful.

The stamps come on a sheet and you cut the individual stamps out and attach them to a rigid surface. A wooden block, acrylic block or stamp press/positioner etc. 

You can use double sided tape, but make sure it's not too sticky or it could be difficult to remove from the block. Stick and Spray is a spray adhesive which can be used to hold stencils in place as well as rubber stamps. And finally, EZmount and Mount n' Stamp which have an adhesive side to stick to the back of the stamp and a clingy side that will hold temporarily to your block.

If you are using EZmount or Mount n' Stamp, then attach the mount foam before you cut out the stamps. Cut the sheet of mount to the right size, peel off the backing on the sticky side and fix the sheet of stamps to it. Now take a pair of sharp scissors with a good point and cut around each stamp. Hold the scissors at a right angle to the stamp so that the cuts don't slant into the stamp. Follow the shape of the stamp as close as you can without actually cutting into the stamp. This will reduce the risk of getting ink around the stamp and will help to position the stamp on your card.

Now peel off the other side of the mount. You might find it helpful to put a small mark or arrow on the back to show which way up the stamp image should be. Especially helpful with text.

One of the challenges with rubber stamps is positioning them as you can't see the image. This is where one of the stamp positioners such as Stampeazee is so helpful by using it the opposite way. Place the cardstock on your work surface and place the acrylic plate of the positioner over it, top side down. Now arrange the stamps on the acrylic plate so that the image is facing you.  Reposition the cardstock, ink the stamps and stamp.  

So, happy stamping.

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